making a difference with Viewer Discretion Legislation Coalition – Katie Dean

In this series finale of our Abortion episodes we welcome Katie Dean from the Viewer Discretion Legislation Coalition. Katie begins with her heartbreaking story and facing off with an anti-abortion group canvasing her neighbourhood with graphic images. That led her to starting the VDLC with Natalie Wakim. The VDLC is a London, Ontario based organization that started when anti-abortion activists permeated the city with graphic pamphlets and road signs. These images are disturbing and extremely traumatizing to the community. Right now, cities across Canada are being hit hard with alleged aborted fetus images being delivered to homes without an envelope and large signs are being displayed on our street corners traumatizing many people, including children. Its mission is to deal with the offensive graphic images on signs in public and pamphlets delivered doorsteps. The VDLC is working towards changing Canadian law to prohibit the use of such graphic images in public spaces. The VDLC is proof that anyone has the power to make a difference. As of May 2022 graphic anti-abortion images must be delivered in an opaque envelope with warning labels in London, Ontario. Although we are focusing on Canada’s organizations we hope this episode will inspire you to research how you can support reproductive and human rights in your country.

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Resources VDLC: Website | Facebook | Instagram List of ARCC CPC’s Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada All About Teale AccessBC Dr. Ruth’s Talk on Reproductive Justice & No-Cost Contraception National Abortion Federation Canada NAF Hotline – 1-800-772-9100 Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights Action Hotline (Call) – 1-888-642-2725 Action Hotline (Text) – 1-613-800-6757 Choice Connect Abortion Referral Women Help Women (Abortion Pill & Contraceptives) Women on Web Tia Health (Online Doctor Appointments) Check out Joyce Arthur’s Publications Viewer Discretion Legislation Coalition (London, ON) Norma Scarborough Fund SisterSong Cover ContraceptiON Birth Control Access for Manitoba Sex [M]ed Our Commons Open Parliament Planned Parenthood – Toronto DO NOT GOOGLE ABORTION CLINICS & AVOID CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTRES Listen in now!

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