Tom’s Story – I became involved with the VLDC shortly after they began counterprotesting. My time with them has been incredibly enlightening. I’ve had the opportunity to work with an amazing community at VLDC and engage with countess Londoners on the streets.

I have not only been able to see the harm done by graphic anti-abortion signs in London, but have also come to realize that the CCBR and LAA shouldn’t have a place in our city. I have many friends who identify with the pro-life movement, and who hold their positions for sincere personal and philosophical reasons. The CCBR and LAA don’t seek to serve our community however; they intentionally spread trauma, intolerance, and misinformation. I have personally seen the dishonest behaviour the CCBR engages in on social media and have caught two members of the CCBR lying about their information to my face. I have seen the callousness and willful cruelty both organizations show towards citizens of London. That is why I support VDLC’s counter protestors and that is why I support the legislation our local representatives are fighting for at this present time