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Dealing with offensive  graphic images on signs in public and those delivered OUR homes.

The Viewer Discretion Legislation Coalition is a London, Ontario based organization that started when anti-abortion activists permeated our city with graphic pamphlets and road signs. 

Right now, cities across Canada are being hit hard with alleged aborted fetus images being delivered to homes without an envelope and large signs are being displayed on our street corners traumatizing many people, including children. 

These images are disturbing and extremely traumatizing to the community. 

We want to change Canadian law to prohibit the use of such graphic images in public spaces.

London passed a Graphic Image Delivery Bylaw in May of 2022. 

We would like to thank the members of London City Council for their thorough investigation and work on this matter.  Viewer Consent is important.  We believe having these images in an envelope, it gives the receiver a CHOICE to see these traumatizing images.  They should never be forced upon someone, especially in their own home. 

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Who We Are

…and why we do what we do.

Katie Dean and Natalie Wakim have created this group as the first of many steps towards changing the legislation surrounding what can be put into Canadian mailboxes. 

This is in response to the graphic anti-abortion pamphlets being distributed across Canada by the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform.

Katie Dean & Natalie Wakin
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