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I first saw the graphic abortion signs created by the CCBR and used by LAA on campus on my way to class at King’s University

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I was raised by my single Mom and Grandma who were always very open about everything (my Mom was an RN). I grew up in

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In the days before the VDLC, a friend and I would often go protest the ccbr and 40 days of life groups. I learned very

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I have never been through pregnancy loss, but I am no stranger to CCBR’s lack of empathy. In November while counter-demonstrating, I was covering the

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There have been so many days over the past few months that I have spent on the streets of London, standing in front of, or

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Here’s my story from our October 31st counter protest: I decided to go stand across the street as we were starting to crowd our corner.

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Kate’s Story – I have been counter-protesting since the end of September, so I have had a fair number of interactions with the CCBR and

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Amanda’s Story – I’d been a member of the vdlc group for a couple weeks before I actually decided to go out and counter. As

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Paula’s Story–I heard of these graphic image posters before but never saw them first hand until I drove past one. I almost swerved my car.

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Deidre’s Story – I remember the day I received my flyer in the mail. It was a regular weekday. I had dropped my daughter off

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Tom’s Story – I became involved with the VLDC shortly after they began counterprotesting. My time with them has been incredibly enlightening. I’ve had the

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