Kate’s Story – I have been counter-protesting since the end of September, so I have had a fair number of interactions with the CCBR and LAA. The majority of these interactions can be summed up as having earned me nicknames such as “the firecracker” and “spicy.” I often question if the interns are actually deserving of the way I treat them and speak to them, but then I saw the most egregious display of their disrespect. I was counter-protesting at Adelaide and Oxford, specifically blocking Vanessa and her sign. After a long, infuriating, probably comical-looking shuffle with Vanessa, I noticed a vehicle on Oxford had stopped several meters from the red traffic light. I walked closer to the vehicle and mouthed, “are you okay?” at the female driver. She nodded and pointed to the backseat, where she had two young children sitting in car seats. I then understood- she did not want to subject her children to the disgusting images on Vanessa’s poster. I walked back to where Vanessa was standing and explained that the woman was stopped so far back, because she didn’t want her young children to see the images. I told Vanessa to put the sign away to let the family by, and she did not comply, so we had to do the shuffle-block dance. Even when faced with evidence to the contrary, Vanessa and the other CCBR insist what they do is helping women and not traumatizing families.