I have never been through pregnancy loss, but I am no stranger to CCBR’s lack of empathy.

In November while counter-demonstrating, I was covering the signs of a CCBR intern named Andrew. Against my better judgment, I tried to have a conversation with him. The CCBR believes that the alleged fetuses in those images deserve human rights; they insist that the fetuses in the images they use are real. That being said, I wanted to know how the hell they could possibly think it was ethical to blow up those images and parade them all over the street. How is that honouring their “human rights”? I presented him with my story.

My older brother, Roger, was killed in an impaired driving accident on Mothers’ Day of 2007. He was 20 years old and he was the only one involved in the collision. I told Andrew my story and then asked him: Would it be ethical for MADD Canada to take photos of my brothers’ body and use it in their ad campaign? My stomach sank and my jaw physically dropped at his answer.

“Yes” he said.

“Yes if drunk driving was rampant and costing lives”

In that moment I felt so sick and so angry. That was the moment I knew that these people were too far gone to be reasoned with. The fact that they believe it would be ethical to desecrate my brother’s body in this way to push a cause is demented at best. They will never be able to see that what they are doing is so profoundly wrong. It has to stop. We need band together to make it stop.