Amanda’s Story – I’d been a member of the vdlc group for a couple weeks before I actually decided to go out and counter. As someone who thought their views aligned more with prolife despite having to face my own procedure a little under 2 years ago. The reaction I had to the graphic signs, and then again when I had a pamphlet dropped off at my house made me start to question if what I was,was really this. The first counter I attended was at Oxford and Adelaide in November, initially I went to simply walk by because it was during a time that kids were coming home from school and I’d honestly never seen their signs up close. I didn’t know what I was going to do, I just felt like I needed to do something. As I hit the button to cross I decided to turn and ask the girl why she was doing this. What she said to me still haunts me, with the sweetest voice she simply says to me well everyone needs to know, and needs to see this.And that’s simply not true for me. That’s the moment I decided to stand in front of her sign, no matter how many times she tried to force me to stand in the gutter, no many how many times she shoved me, no matter how she tried to move it. And she did. But the moment that honestly changed everything for me was watching moms walk by shielding their children’s eyes while she would turn her sign with no regard for who was seeing. I no longer see myself as someone who is pro life. Im pro choice, and for me that means everyone has a right to choose what’s best for them.