Paula’s Story–I heard of these graphic image posters before but never saw them first hand until I drove past one. I almost swerved my car. I couldn’t believe what I just saw.
I quickly posted on the FB page where these graphic images were.
I was shocked at the quick response of counter protestors to block those images.
The quick response told me I had to be a part of this. I had to help. I had to do my part.
My first protest was thrilling! Getting honks from passing cars. Being thanked by strangers for blocking those images. It solidified my passion. It lit a fire that can only spread.

Side note from Katie Dean – Paula was out petitioning with us one Saturday when we saw someone post on the page that London Against Abortion was at Wellington and Dundas. We were nearby so headed there quickly. I shoved my sign into Paula’s hand and told her to take a corner. She did a great job covering their disgusting sign. When I joined her later she was humming and singing words like “I’m so glad I am in charge of my own body” and things to that affect. Just to annoy the anti-choicers. It was so cool to be around such a positive person. Thanks for joining us Paula.