Alexa’s Story –

I first saw the graphic abortion signs created by the CCBR and used by LAA on campus on my way to class at King’s University College. I didn’t have time to approach them before my class started and immediately started having a panic attack when I got to class. I spent the whole 3 hour lecture focused on the disgusting images and what I would say to them when I got out, however they had left by the time my class was over.

This September, about a year later, the CCBR sent interns and volunteers to London for about two and a half months. Multiple times a week, I would see these large posters while driving around the city and once even plastered across a moving truck they rented. After receiving a pamphlet with these graphic images in my mailbox I took to the internet where I discovered the VDLC.

I joined the VDLC’s Rapid Response team after seeing their efforts to counter protest and get legislation going to prevent these images from being viewed by non-consenting individuals. I saw photos of VDLC members blocking the images with their own signs and knew right away I wanted to help.

My first time out was the first time I had taken a proper look at the photos, knowing I would need to get used to seeing them, and I was once again shocked that the CCBR & LAA thought holding these photos at major intersections was acceptable. From my experience with their interns and volunteers, I learned that they do not care about the trauma caused by their images. Many even celebrate it, hoping it will deter women from seeking abortions, but they are just hurting people.