There have been so many days over the past few months that I have spent on the streets of London, standing in front of, or beside, signs of bloody allegedly aborted fetuses. Like many others have described, there is no reasoning with any person that thinks it is remotely alright to hold these signs. They hold them proudly, thinking they are “saving lives”. I have tried to explain how they are hurting women that have experienced ANY kind of pregnancy loss including stillbirth. Their answer – well why should it affect a woman if she is pro-choice. Then I made the mistake of watching a podcast of the CCBR’s. They were answering some questions we all ask. One of them was how do they think it is ok to put these images where children can see them. Their answer – The life of the preborn is more important than the emotional well being of the existing child. At that point, I could not listen any longer. There was also the day the CCBR intern was so exasperated with us blocking their signs, she asked one of our team if we could perhaps ease up and realize it was affecting THEIR mental health. Imagine that. Their mental health is important. Ours is not. Our children’s is not. The hypocrisy is astounding to me. We will be on the streets for as long as it takes because viewer consent matters. Our mental health matters and most importantly our children’s rights matter.