In the days before the VDLC, a friend and I would often go protest the ccbr and 40 days of life groups. I learned very quickly that trying to have an educated conversation with anyone from those groups was not only impossible, but incredibly draining. I quickly changed tactics and stopped talking to them altogether, so I don’t have many memories of noteworthy conversations. However, on several occasions when was out blocking their graphic images, I did notice one particular thing that always bothered me. They forced their pamphlets into the hands of anyone walking by, which often resulted in people dropping them on the ground. When the CCBR would pack up their signs, I’d ask them to take the dropped pamphlets with them. And their response was always “that’s not ours”. It was infuriating.

Another time they set up their signs in front of a high school and shoved their pamphlets into the hands of children. At that point I offered to take the pamphlets from them so they didn’t have to make the choice of carrying it, or dropping it on the ground, and all of them would give them to me.

Their complete disregard for people and our city has never ceased to amaze me.