Kate’s Story – I have been counter-protesting since the end of September, so I have had a fair number of interactions with the CCBR and LAA. The majority of these interactions can be summed up as having earned me nicknames such as “the firecracker” and “spicy.” I often question if the interns are actually deserving […]


Amanda’s Story – I’d been a member of the vdlc group for a couple weeks before I actually decided to go out and counter. As someone who thought their views aligned more with prolife despite having to face my own procedure a little under 2 years ago. The reaction I had to the graphic signs, […]


Alexa’s Story – I first saw the graphic abortion signs created by the CCBR and used by LAA on campus on my way to class at King’s University College. I didn’t have time to approach them before my class started and immediately started having a panic attack when I got to class. I spent the […]


Paula’s Story–I heard of these graphic image posters before but never saw them first hand until I drove past one. I almost swerved my car. I couldn’t believe what I just saw.I quickly posted on the FB page where these graphic images were.I was shocked at the quick response of counter protestors to block those […]


Deidre’s Story – I remember the day I received my flyer in the mail. It was a regular weekday. I had dropped my daughter off at school and came back home. I grabbed the mail like I do every morning and proceeded to go inside my house. When I opened the flyer I fell to […]


Tom’s Story – I became involved with the VLDC shortly after they began counterprotesting. My time with them has been incredibly enlightening. I’ve had the opportunity to work with an amazing community at VLDC and engage with countess Londoners on the streets. I have not only been able to see the harm done by graphic […]

The Falcon

Bill #259 Viewer Discretion Act: ‘People deserve to have their consent respected’ | The Falcon


London Ontario private member’s bill introduced to control delivery of anti-abortion flyers Ontario private member’s bill introduced to control delivery of anti-abortion flyers | CBC News

London Free Press

A hot-button London issue reached Queen’s Park Monday, as three New Democrat MPPs pledged to seek harsher rules for anti-abortion flyers passed out door-to-door. MPPs address ‘gory’ abortion leaflets that left London boy with nightmares | London Free Press (lfpress.com)